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Things to Consider While Buying a Bedsheet and other bedroom items

The bed has the same shape from ancient Egypt, a wooden or metal rectangle with a backrest decorated with figures, the curious thing about this fact is that at that time they not only used it to sleep, but was also used to eat.

Even classical Greece we could not find the first headboards, nor of the bedding until ancient Rome. This is the bed time that we like the most inFestival outlets because it is the origin of one of our passions, bed linen.

The Romans covered the bed with linen sheets, although they did not fall asleep on mattresses but weaved a kind of futon or carpet with wool and the mattresses as such were sacks stuffed with straw.

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Later came the Middle Ages, durante this stage the beds were wooden drawers that over the years were covered with mattresses. The beds were much more comfortable for the upper classes,as they slept with mattresses and linen sheets stuffed with duck feathers and, on the other hand, the lower classes slept with mattresses stuffed with hay or straw on the floor.
With the Industrial Revolution, linen was the star material used in bedding. At this stage the boxes appeared and technological advances occurred in the textile industry, which led to the lowering of bedding and quality. Cotton bedding began to be marketed, duvets and Nordics filled with feathers appeared.

In the twentieth century the land ain bedding gains synthetic fibers,as they cause a globalized production chain. Today bed linen is constantly updated, taking into account current trends, in decoration or even in fashion.

InFestival outlets we have an online catalog of bedding manufactured efficiently, with materials that guarantee heat, softness and comfort and respond to current trends.

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